Wayne & Jill Ogle

One of the reasons I started contributing to Liberty Trust was that I believe in God's way not the world’s way - people working together helping each other to get out of debt and into their own home. Not only with debt but all aspects of life. When I started with Liberty Trust I was solo, (and living in a bus) and now I am married to Jill and blessed with two great children - Sarah 3 ½ and Eric 10 months.

We have had an opportunity to build a new house in Tauranga and Liberty Trust, Ark Resources and Evan Harvey, the loans officer, is great to work with and has made this possible.

With a lot of hard work for Jill and I, and having Eric just after starting building this made life interesting.

Now we are enjoying a warm and comfortable home with plenty of space inside and out.  Still lots to do but we will get there with Gods help.

Also looking forward to paying the loan back to bless others and enjoy time with my family, not working for the bank.

Thank you, all

Wayne, Jill, Sarah & Eric Ogle