George Nicol

I find that God blesses us each in different ways, and that His timing is not our timing. When I was introduced to the concept of an interest-free mortgage through Liberty Trust I was aged 26. I was not in need of a home or mortgage. However I could see the great blessing that this could produce and was producing. I wanted to contribute because I felt it was of God to be involved in helping others in this way. God’s principles work, and now I have been blessed with a home on which I pay no interest, and the rent repays the mortgage.

What is of foremost importance to me is to pay off the home as quickly as possible, at least within eight years. There is a great need for finance to spread the Gospel through missions, Bibles, etc. which I want to give to, because they provide eternal benefits, and we can be useful to God in this way. I believe it is necessary to work towards increasing income, and at the same time to spend my money only on important things.

God has shown us how this can be achieved. He has honored my first steps and is providing opportunities now to continue to walk in His ways.

God bless you as you hear and follow His directions for your life.

George Nicol,