Trevor & Shirley Bond

Well the concept sounded good. Contribute money into a fund to provide interest free loans to allow people to break free from mortgages. After a period of time receive an interest free loan yourself to help break free from your mortgage.

This was a concept Shirley and I found hard to argue with because of our own experiences. Twelve years earlier we had experienced the blessing of getting free from our mortgage and this had put us in a position where we were free to follow God’s call to serve in Nepal for six years with International Nepal Fellowship. That was a precious time in our lives when we learnt many lessons, saw God’s provision, experienced His leading and watched our children grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. Then came the time to return to New Zealand, re-settle and get back into the workforce as well as support children through High –school and on into training. We felt led to purchase a house in close vicinity to a university for our children during their study years.

Time passed and the new mortgage remained, until recently we received the wonderful news, earlier than expected, that an interest free loan was now available through Liberty Trust. The concept that sounded good has turned to reality and we are now starting to see the amount owing on the house visibly decreasing due to the power of interest free. Every cent that goes in is now actually achieving something. What a blessing this is and we are so thankful to the Liberty team, who had this vision and were obedient and persistent in making it work. We feel privileged to be among those who have been blessed by this concept.

Regards Trevor & Shirley