Joyce Storey

I joined Liberty Trust at a meeting in Kaitaia. The speakers’ message about God’s desire for us to be debt free touched a spark in me. At that time I had a mortgage and was only on my pension. My elderly mother acquired a unit on my property where we keep an eye on each other as we are both widowed.

We are thrilled and grateful at receiving our interest free mortgage for our homes, releasing us from long term debt. Now we can look forward to helping others in God’s work. Truly God’s favor is sweet – as I have found over may times in the 12 years of really knowing my Lord. He is ever faithful in the small and large things of life.

I sincerely thank Kelvin and Kathleen and team for their devoted touch over the years, increasing God’s Kingdom with their love for people.

God’s blessings a hundred fold.

Joyce Storey and Tilly Bartley

Coopers Beach, Northland

April 1999