Anonymous Missionaries

We are a family of five who've been in full-time ministry since there were only two of us! We are currently in the throes of setting up home in a Middle Eastern city where we arrived in February of this year. For many years now our passion has been to see everyone - as in all peoples - having the opportunity to understand and respond to the Gospel in their own heart language. Amazingly, there's still well over a quarter of the planet that have little-to-no access to the message of Jesus, and so, to that end we've been in some form of cross-cultural ministry for the better part of 18 years now.

Naturally the idea of owning our own home would have been out of the question for us without significant assistance from family, however even then the constraints of full-time ministry meant the demands of a mortgage were a great stretch for us. Participating in Liberty Trust promised to make a significant difference in reducing what we owe, and enabling us to serve God with greater financial freedom. As you can imagine, we were delighted when we learned our loan had come through, and are so encouraged by developments since. Though payments have been difficult at times, it was worth hanging on and we now have the joy of seeing the loaned amount dropping steadily.

First and foremost we praise God for his provision through Liberty. But we also wanted to make particular mention of the incredible team at Ark Resources. When the loan came through, our bank was very unhelpful and made it significantly harder than it needed to be. We want to acknowledge the whole team at Ark and Liberty for all of their grace and invaluable assistance at the changeover. Their wonderful support in the midst of all the technicalities was much appreciated.



6 Apr 2011