Cecily Stoneham

I am so delighted to be able to report my home mortgage has now been paid by an interest-free Liberty Trust loan.  Now I will be mortgage free in seven years.

This is such an awesome blessing for me, and I thank God for it.  I also want to thank Whakatane Christian Fellowship for paying my contribution for the first six years as I was away overseas as a missionary.  What a wonderful gift.  

I often wondered what would happen if I was to draw the Liberty Trust ballot as at that time I was not in need of it.  But I have always found God's timing to be perfect.  As 2 1/2 years ago I purchased a small 3 bedroom home in Whakatane I then began to say "Thank you Lord, you know my need", praying specifically that now would be a good time!!!  Yes, God answers prayer.

I thank God for the vision of Liberty Trust, and for the faithful men and women who have given of themselves and their time voluntarily to make this vision work.

God bless you all

Pastor Cecily Stoneham