Paul & Daphne Atkinson

We joined Liberty Trust when it first started because we were attracted by the opportunity to get ahead financially. Our motives in hind-sight were self-centered and at one stage we even considered leaving, believing we could do better with our contributions.

Today we are grateful for the good counsel of Kelvin Deal and the Holy Spirit who pointed out that belonging was a commitment to seeing others blessed not just ourselves. We stayed and are thrilled to not only have received our own ballot but to have been part ;of a system that has seen many others released from the burden of interest payments.

We are grateful to those who sponsor part of our contribution, especially when we were in full time ministry.

The challenge now facing us is to look to that time when our mortgage is repaid to the Trust in full and we are able to re-prioritise our extra money towards Kingdom resourcing and enjoying the second half of our life together hopefully.

God bless and thank you again.

Paul & Daphne Atkinson