Bernard & Dorothy Jacobsen

Bernard and I began contributing to Liberty Trust when it first began. In the past 13 or so years since we began contributing we have had a few years with little income. For two years Bernard went to University and then for six years we were volunteer school teachers in PNG. During those eight years we were always able to maintain our contributions.

When we returned from PNG in 1999 we didn’t know where the Lord wanted us to live. We had three months in Auckland. We wanted to buy a house but Auckland house prices horrified us. However the Lord led us to Dunedin which, apart from being a lovely city, is very cheap housing, praise the Lord! I think, thanks to Liberty Trust, we will have paid back our loan at about Easter next year.

We have a lovely house in Dunedin. Thanks to all at Liberty Trust who made it possible for us to be able to serve as volunteers and to own a house as well.

God bless you all

Bernard and Dorothy Jacobsen

February 2002