The Wood Family

We were thrilled to receive our Liberty Loan just before Christmas last year – earlier than anticipated. We had been trusting God for the timing of the loan and we sure did need it right at that time! Looking back, 10 years has gone quickly and it is such a blessing not to have to pay the going interest rate for our loan. Over time it is a huge saving that can be put to much better use, and yes, back into God’s Kingdom.

We so appreciate the Liberty scheme a) because of what it offers to everyday Kiwis who are struggling to get into their own homes, especially young couples, and b) because it is biblically based. It is God’s idea, and it’s a GREAT idea! Help others first for a period, and sometimes that seems like a LONG time, but God is working patience in us. Then comes YOUR turn, at just the right time. When you’ve paid your loan off, then you are in a wonderful position to continue helping others. That’s the way God would have it. Doesn’t He say in Prov. 3.27 ‘Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in the power of your hand to do so’?

That scripture has always been meaningful to us. We’ve been in a position in the past to receive a lot of help from a Christian couple. We went into a business in the 80’s that didn’t work out as planned and we lost our home. Because of our friends’ help we didn’t go under financially and were eventually able to buy into their beekeeping business in Central Otago. After 10 years it was our business and after another few years we built our own home – an 18 year wait. Over that period there were quite a few poor seasons to get thru but God’s grace was always there.

We see it as somewhat of a miracle now to have a lovely home of our own again, plus a new honey shed, but we always knew God wanted to bless us, as He does everyone, so we kept hanging onto that. Last year was one of big expenditure for us and we were really tight towards the end of it. Then we were contacted by Ark Resources to say our loan might come thru a few months earlier than expected. God’s amazing grace once again!

We recommend Liberty to everyone. Our bank had never heard of such a scheme, in fact they were amazed one existed! A small investment now can make a BIG difference down the track and give you the financial liberty God wants you to have. 

We are so glad we did – you will be too.

Jan 2008