Pastors Warren & Ginia Gouman

We joined Liberty Trust back in 1997 when we had a small house in Dunedin and no children.  Today our circumstances are very different. We now live in Christchurch in a much larger house with 3 children a Japanese student and an interest free mortgage!  

Over the years it was a challenge to keep our commitments to Liberty as we were both students for a couple of years and did a missions trip to Africa.  However looking back now we are pleased that we kept up the commitment as our mortgage term has reduced from 25 years to just 8 years!  

Currently we are pastors of a church in Christchurch and look forward to becoming freer to serve God internationally without the burden of a mortgage.  

We believe that finances like every other part of our Christian lives need to come under the Lordship of Christ.  When we follow his plan and are wise stewards of the resources he sends our way He opens doors of opportunity so we can serve him further.  Liberty Trust is one of those wise ways we can be good stewards of what God has given us.

Warren & Ginia

11 June 2008