J Swan

I first heard about Liberty Trust through an advert in the Christian Directory magazine which I read at church. I checked out the Liberty Trust web site and downloaded and read the information about the Bible-based storehouse. After doing the Bible Study and prayer I decided to start investing in helping others to achieve their dream of being mortgage free and in hope of one day being a home owner again.I would like to thank & bless everyone involved in Liberty Trust & Ark Resources as I was surprised to receive an offer of an interest free loan earlier than expected in Oct 2014. We feel so fortunate that our mortgage will be significantly reduced before we retire and we won’t have to pay a significant amount of interest.I am a ‘numbers’ person and like to see things in writing. Using an online bank mortgage calculator it shows that if you take 20 years to pay off a $100,000 mortgage then you will be paying over $71,000 in interest! Even attempting to pay it off over 10 years you would still be paying over $33,000 in interest.

I strongly believe that Liberty Trust is a great example to future generations. By planning ahead, regularly saving a small amount, having patience, helping others first and then all in God’s timing it is you who gets blessed. This can make such a huge difference to your life. I also could not have done this without my Dad’s help at times.

I started saving in Oct 2011 for my son Mark, who is currently a third year engineering student at the University of Canterbury, so that I can help him to be able to afford to buy a home in the future, without the burden of paying huge amounts of interest to the banks.

May God bless you.

Julie Swan

25 March 2015