Kenneth & Sandra Mitchell

I’ve got my interest free loan – What now?

A few years ago I was looking forward to writing a testimony about being debt free with a Liberty loan and living happily ever after.

But God showed my a few years ago that the way I intended to use my Liberty Loan didn’t quite line up with his financial way of doing things.

I had started to rely on a Liberty loan to meet my financial needs instead of allowing God to do that. I wanted to GET a loan instead of aligning my finances with God’s purpose which is to GIVE. I had begun to limit my vision to the size of my Liberty loan instead of God’s vision which was much bigger.

GIVING is God’s heart beat behind Liberty Trust. You would think I would have learnt that because the most amazing financial miracles and breakthroughs in my life have come from GIVING. The best breakthrough was when I had almost run out of money and the bank was about to foreclose on my mortgage. I gave away my last $3,000.00. Then a miracle happened. I traded out of a development that was bankrupting me.

That was ten years ago. Back then I had large debts, negative equity, and negative cash flows. Now my wife and I own a Holiday Park business in Queenstown partly funded by a Liberty loan. Now we are able to give away more than my entire salaried earnings. The transformation has been miraculous.

My favourite scripture is the parable of the three stewards who were given different talents to manage for the master (Matt 25). The steward with the 5 talents doubled his talents. That’s how I view our life. We are called to manage the King’s wealth by doubling it and to distribute it by GIVING. Usually our giving is at a level that is unsustainable apart from God’s miraculous intervention – no different to giving away my last $3,000 ten years ago.

That requires faith but without FAITH it is impossible to please HIM and I’ve never had so much FUN than through giving! Giving doesn’t deplete your resources and make you poor; on the contrary it ushers in God’s miracles and creates a life of abundance. This is how God wants us to live…supplying our needs according to his RICHES and GLORY!

Kenneth & Sandra Mitchell


1 Sept 2007