Clive & Eva Lee

What an incredible joy, to see and experience first hand the Lord’s grace working through His principles.

We joined Liberty Trust after paying an enormous and disheartening amount on interest to the bank without even knowing what purpose the money we paid went to, and we felt that Liberty Trust would be a much more worthwhile organization to support.

To be able to serve and to help others to be blessed in the same way as we have, and to receive the same blessings as we have received—to be freed from material bondage—has been such grace.

Now that we have saved on interest we can invest that money in studies for our daughter who has just left school.

We would like to give a heart-felt Thank You to all the people involved in Liberty Trust. Everyone that has worked and prayed so hard to make this happen, and all the people that are currently paying into the Trust.

We believe that everything, the good and bad, will return to us eventually. We will reap the harvest. So keep on praying and spreading His will.

God bless you all.

Clive & Eva Lee

July 2000