Graham & Marion Henton

It was with great pleasure that we received a phone call from Kelvin to inform us that our loan was now available from Ark Resources.

The great thing about this was that a portion of our bank loan could be re-financed interest free, leaving us to inject all further payments for this portion of the loan into capital repayments rather than just continuing to spill thousands of dollars of family income into bank interest payments annually.  This has been a turning point for us.  As we look at the statements we can at last see progress as the amount owing begins to tumble, rather than the reverse where we would say - "Wow, we have paid all this to the bank - yet the balance owing has hardly reduced!".  It is a wonderful thing to see a light at the end of the long finance sapping mortgage tunnel.  

We still have many years to go but we have certainly been encouraged in this.  Liberty Trust is a fantastic scheme operating with God honouring principles, and being a part of it is indeed liberating because everyone is blessed.  It took twelve years for us but we have the assurance that many others have had the opportunity to be blessed and we know that we have been able to be an on-going part of that answer for them.  If your loan is available earlier you and your family are hugely blessed and released from interest burdens whilst your ongoing repayments are again blessing others in similar need.

I cannot speak highly enough of the dedicated team of godly men and women who have had the vision, the foresight, the dedication and the preparedness to invest time, energy and patience into Liberty Trust - for no personal gain except to see Kingdom of God principles operate for others so they can be blessed.

We join with the many past and existing members of Liberty Trust to register a huge vote of thanks - and ask that God would continue to richly bless you all for the valuable and unselfish parts you have all played within Liberty Trust from its first inception in 1989.

Graham, Marion, Charis, Ben, Dylan & Joel Henton