Robyn Hamilton

I had heard of Liberty Trust well before I joined.  In fact many of my friends belonged, and some of them were there at the very beginning.  So eventually I got a ROUND TUIT. I signed up and put my contributions on automatic payment. To tell the truth, I then just forgot about it, and carried on with life.  I am a primary school teacher who during 1999 took the year off to travel. One of the things that I made sure to save for before traveling, was my contributions to Liberty Trust. When I returned from overseas that year, I had a growing sense that some of the things that the Lord was putting on my heart regarding the future involved youth, study and missions. (To which I said, how does that all fit together?)

Since that time, I have changed my city and school. I currently teach Year One children at Bethlehem College.  The interesting thing about that is I have had several opportunities to travel with senior students on mission trips to Borneo, and Samoa.

In 2006 the Lord told me that 2008 would be a significant year.  I had no idea when my loan would be offered. So imagine my delight, when I received my loan in January 2008.  

I have put the loan onto the property that I live on. This property has a three-bedroom house on the front that is rented out, and I live in the small flat at the back.  My parents live next door.  

This loan is really about the future.  I have discovered that I am a missions mobilisor, and have my fingers in several missions pies.  My biggest concern is that I don’t get enough time to connect with people and encourage them on their missional journey. However with the interest free loan, it will be possible within a few years to work part-time as a teacher, with the rent off the front house subsidizing my income.  This will free me up for a couple of days a week to mobilize and connect people and churches in missions. The adventure continues!

Robyn Hamilton

13 May 2009