Selwyn & Hannah

Kia Ora koutou,

We are Hannah and Selwyn. A young-ish couple, who have been married six years, and received a Liberty Trust loan approximately six months ago.

Selwyn’s parents started this loan a few years before we were married, and generously gifted this to us, giving us a head start on our contributions. What a blessing their wise planning and forward thinking has been for us.

We purchased our first home a few years ago; however it was not quite time for our Liberty Trust loan to be available. Instead, we bought the house with a hefty bank loan and large interest repayments. We made our fortnightly payments but after two years we saw little change in our overall debt.

After receiving our Liberty Trust loan we were encouraged to see our repayments going directly on principal, rather than paying such a large amount of interest. We were left with a small bank loan and continue to pay that off.

After observing our parent’s generosity, we look forward following their example and being able to bless our family and friends in the future.

Selwyn & Hannah

14 March 2013