Ross & Frances Peeters

I grew up in a family where home ownership was not a priority. When my student flatmate explained Liberty Trust to me 14 years ago, I thought it was crazy. Why would people go to so much bother just to buy a house? Then when I got married and my husband showed me how much interest we would pay through a bank mortgage, I was horrified. We joined Liberty Trust!

We started our marriage in overdraft and were soon expecting our first child. Some people say you must have a double income so you can get your first home. However we felt it was more important for me to be a stay at home mother, so I never worked and we lived on one income. Through thriftiness and blessing from God we could never have imagined, we soon had a deposit.

While it would have been ideal to wait until our Ark Resources loan came through before we bought our first home, we realised that as we were wanting to buy a house in Auckland, if we waited, prices could increase enormously. So, soon after the birth of our second child, we bought our home just as the housing boom started in early 2002 – another blessing from the Lord.

When we got married, one of our wedding cards had the verse Matt 6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God … and all these things shall be added unto you”.  We have stayed in that home and lived within our means—no HP's, no flash TV, furniture from the inorganic rubbish collection and forget the steak! We have been further blessed with four more children being added to the family.

Often when you tell people about Liberty Trust they are disappointed to find out they have to wait for their loan. We think it is good you have to wait, as you have to practice patience. It was a good feeling, patiently waiting and knowing all the while that we were helping others be free from their bank mortgages.

Having received our Ark Resources loan recently (right on schedule!) we are delighted that we'll be debt free soon, freeing up God's resources for furthering the Lord's work. Much better than pouring that money into the banking industry's profits!

We have recently started contributing a little every week to Liberty Trust for each of our children. The Lord certainly provides – according to His riches and glory (Philippians 4:19).

Ross and Frances Peeters

Children: Joshua (10), Faith (8), Matthew (6), Renee (4), Timothy (2), Daniel (5 months)


9 June 2010