Jacob & Mary

We migrated to New Zealand in 1999 with three daughters under 5 and lived in a two-bedroom flat for several years in Palmerston North. I heard about Liberty Trust at church and we immediately joined the Trust in 2004 hoping to live in a bigger house. We bought a house in 2006 and same year we were blessed with a son. “The wealth of the nations will be given to you” Isaiah 60:5; this is the promise given to Mary in 2010 when she had to resign her job as she couldn’t work under hostile conditions. All the fears were there about family needs, the bank mortgage and schooling four children etc. We just had to pray and look towards Him asking for the provisions. Our worst fears were selling off our house if we couldn’t cope. I had to watch interest rates and thank God for keeping the rates down for me as he kept the sun stood still for a day for Joshua. God opened our eyes to see how much money we were paying to the bank for all the years. Imagine our surprise one fine morning when Evan rang us saying that funds were available to lend to us two years earlier than expected! Then everything happened so quickly and our house became interest free in October 2012. God’s promises became real to us and we didn’t have to sell our house but rather we become interest free! This reminds us of the widow from Zarepath, whose food containers never become empty during the famine.

“Earth and sky may perish but my word stands for ever” Luke 21:33.

All the glory to be given to Him, the Most Highest. Our eldest daughter Annie is now in Otago, other two girls are in high school and our son is six. Mary is jobless still; we ask the Liberty family to pray for her to get a job so that we can pay our instalments smoothly.

With regards,

Jacob Akepogu & Mary Gaddam

Palmerston North

17 June 2013