Belinda Clark

Dear Liberty Trust members,

It has been hard to find time to write this letter, but I am very grateful for the wonderful degree of help from Liberty Trust when my loan became available. Liberty Trust's support had already improved life considerably for our family (myself and three children) in lending me the funds to instal a wood-burner in our cottage in the Waitakeries, some time after my mother joined Liberty Trust. What an inspired, loving thing she did – thankyou again dearest Marjorie, and Liberty Trust! My wonderful mother Marjorie, who strove dedicatedly to learn the truth, love more purely and be of service to God, especially with care for the planet and helping others, inspired many people. She devoted much of her life to her organic citrus orchard and gardens, providing many people with wonderful food, and supporting my Father (a sea captain) with his sea-bird research.

This was Dad's way of loving God – when he observed that sea-bird habitats were being destroyed he painstakingly built a strong enough small yacht to carry out the research needed, with teams of volunteers. His longest expedition (nearly four years) involved research down the Chilean Archipelago and many uncharted islands in the gale-lashed southern oceans, circumnavigating Antarctica. He was sure that only God's miraculous interventions saved him and his yacht from destruction, several times. The book he wrote, again with much assistance from Marjorie, from tapes he made during the trip, also inspires many people.Dad and crews achieved an astounding amount in very uncomfortable, hazardous conditions. He continued this work into his 70's, even after recovery from a heart attack, thanks to Marjorie's diligent care. This ended with his death while attempting to continue an albatross recovery program in the wild Antipodes Islands. Living simply, Marjorie managed to donate regularly to Liberty Trust for my sister and myself. I juggled trying to be a good mother (solo with three children) and improve our financial/material wellbeing with part time work; also develop my abilities and grow 'spiritually.' On receiving clear spiritual advice to move to Hawke's Bay, for the wellbeing of us all, my girls, pets and I made the move. This proved to be greatly advantageous and I embarked on a Counselling degree to broaden the scope of assistance tools I had learnt.

However, on hearing the shocking news that my mother was terminally ill, I returned to Kerikeri to help nurse her. Once again Marjorie inspired many of us with her example –she wanted us to celebrate her next 'big adventure'. I will always remember her rubbing her hands together with excited anticipation as she said “I can't wait to see how I can help you all from the other side”. At this time I found that my various trainings, especially with our beloved Shin Gideon Fontalba, who offers ways for people from all religions to develop harmoniously and come closer to God, allowed me to assist Marjorie and her friends. It was a wonderful as well as sorrowful time.

After our Mother's death, with my inheritance and selling my Auckland home, I was guided to buy a large, lovely old home in Hawkes Bay, from a Christian woman who was very helpful. I was told in prayer that it would be a healing place for my family and others; that I could help others and nature here. Miraculously it all fell into place at the last minute and after a couple of very tight years, financially, a fine young couple wanted to share title with me and buy the studio-flat/shed and land that came with the house. We set this up legally and it works well for both of us, allowing me to greatly reduce my mortgage. Liberty Trust continued to offer wonderful flexibility until my loan became available. This was at the perfect time, of course, because with one daughter leaving home and a boarder leaving I was able to offer accommodation for groups of adults learning about Biodynamic agriculture nearby. I am glad to support their learning which encourages appreciation and care for the incredible planet and nature we are blessed with.After several students 'experienced' Marjorie, and two 'met' Dad and passed on messages, I realised that I should stay at the house and be host, keeping the house enjoyable for the students who appreciate it very much. This happens every 2-3 months, with various group sizes and helps me pay bills and repair the old house.

After more than a year of after-school child care, and helping my daughters through some considerable challenges, I have been guided to focus now on attracting/leading other groups to benefit from healing and empowering workshops here.With the help of my older daughter the cottage and vege gardens are getting much more care; we are making progress with 'kootch' infested areas but have ivy and other vines to tackle soon. The lovely roses and other flowers, shrubs and trees provide nourishment for many birds and helpful insects but also for the souls of all who come here. My involvement with my spiritual group, The School of the One Ocean, continues to be the main source of enrichment in my life, encouraging me to care for and learn from Nature while improving myself, to be of more assistance in these 'transformation' times.

Liberty Trust far exceeded my expectations of help - not only was the full amount of my morgage with ASB paid off by Ark Resources but all the legal costs could be added to my loan as well. This involved working with the lawyers of the couple with whom I share title of our lovely property. The discrepancy between the fine ethics, efficiency and support of the lawyers working for Liberty trust and those working for my friends appeared to be sadly obvious! But God can turn all things to the good and now it is truly wonderful to be free of paying thousands to the bank (to be used for who knows what) and see the loan steadily decrease while assisting others!! A truly Christian way of working, it seems to me; also as not only people of one faith are helped in this very practical way. With my daughters not completely 'out of the nest' and on very low incomes, and with only half the number of students we had last year, we have to live frugally but I trust that I will find a way to increase my income in accordance with God's will, so I can contribute my talents.

May God/Goddess bless Liberty Trust and us all with ever growing understanding of the truth, and appreciation and ability to care for God's amazing creations, including us! May we be able to help and be helped at this challenging, yet exciting, time of great change.

With love and thanks

Belinda Clark

27 October 2009