Vena Salter

I had been struggling with a Lawyer’s Mortgage of 21% for a number of years and only a short time before changed to the Housing Corporation, when a friend saw an ad in the papers and suggested I go and hear “these folk from Whakatane with their ideas of an interest free mortgage”.

Sounded too good to be true, but friend and I went along and not having a business head at all I didn’t understand very much of what was said. The only thing I can recall is the excitement I had in my spirit that I was on the right track and the Lord wanted me to take that step of faith.

The rest is history and I now have only two and a half years before I’m mortgage free. I still have that excitement as I daily thank the Lord for all His benefits and how He has enabled Liberty Trust to bless me.

God Bless you indeed.

Vena Salter

April 1999