Andrew & Jane Parrington

We joined Liberty Trust as part of the initial pool of people contributing to the Trust fund in 1988.  As we were part of the congregation of Whakatane Christian Fellowship we just wanted to get on board with the vision of Liberty Trust; we didn't feel we had a desperate need for mortgage help as by other's standards we had only a small mortgage.

In 1992, having been in Rotorua for two years helping pioneer Rotorua City Christian Fellowship we took a step of faith again and I gave up secular employment to work full time in the church.  It was during the next 3 months a number of miracles happened for us.  One of those miracles was to receive a Liberty Trust mortgage.  While it didn't alter the amount of weekly repayments it made a significant difference knowing that the money we were paying was reducing our debt at $4,000.00 per year.

When I added it up the saving on our loan will be close to $30,000 of interest that will not be going to the world's system.  That's the vision of Liberty Trust enabling Christians to be debt free sooner than later.  We have been blessed by being involved in Liberty Trust and recommend this financial ministry for the family of God

Andrew and Jane Parrington

Assistant Pastors

Rotorua City Christian Fellowship