Kelvin & Avery Tyler


This is the story of a journey that has spanned 45 years of marriage. A journey with a normal amount of sunshine and shadows, highs and lows - a walk with our hands holding tightly to that of a faithful Father Who led, guided and cherished us - blessed us with a lovely family and allowed success (and trials) in business.

"He" is a pharmacist - an energetic go-getter who saw possibilities in every business opportunity and a challenge in every possibility! "She" is a tag-along wife - blessed by the energy and dreams of her enthusiastic husband!

Married life began with a small business - sold after 2 years to purchase a larger one. Another 2 years and God moved us to another town - we often say "He whisked the rug out from under our feet", it happened so speedily! A smaller, more rural city where our family grew up with beautiful beaches, wide open spaces and lots of friends.

There, "he” was able, for a space, to work part-time hours in order to do extra Bible study, but the "call of the wild" for my husband is script numbers, specialist retail ideas, developing, expanding and moving to prime locations!… And when an aging pharmacy in town, where he worked to supplement our income, came up for sale, he couldn't resist! Soon we needed a partner - a move which almost resulted in bankruptcy, but that's another story. Romans 8:28 is a timeless truth and in His faithfulness God allowed us to work out of that situation. We marvelled at His goodness as the business slowly recovered, then grew to be very successful; but our continuing mortgages never really allowing financial freedom.

We heard teaching on the biblical principle of providing homes for your family! What an impossible dream when saddled with huge commitments that never seemed to lessen, with the always growing demands of more and more stock, needing extra staff, continuing upgrades of premises etc. Then we were introduced to the Liberty Trust and immediately started memberships for our 3 children. At times it was a real struggle to keep up payments, particularly when we were moving the pharmacy to a more central location and unbelievable problems developed with the beautiful historic building to which we were relocating - such as just one RSJ unbudgeted for amounting to $85,000!!  Eventually things worked out and again God blessed this move, and towards the end of our time there, Ark Resources advised it was our turn to receive interest-free, the blessing of the money we had invested.

Retirement was now approaching and the business was sold. The money we had received from Ark enabled us to re-finance and help our 3 children and we as a couple were able to answer a need in Tonga for a pharmacist in a mission situation, where we remained for 2 years. This life-changing experience was so much more possible through the peace of mind over our financial situation.

We constantly marvel at the blessing we each receive in being a part of the family of God, and are in awe at the fantastic vision of those involved in Ark Resources. They being obedient to God's principles has wonderfully blessed our family - and many others.

As of 3 months ago we have "retired" to Taupo to be more centrally located to our children - until God shows us the next page of the itinerary!

Kelvin and Avery Tyler