Lending Process

Info on the Ark Resources Lending Process

To your brother you shall not charge interest, 

that the Lord your God may bless you. Deut. 23 v 20

Ark Resources offers interest free loans according to the recommendation of Liberty Trust. Please visit www.libertytrust.org.nz for more information about this process.

Loan offers, subject to lending conditions, are generally sent by post several months before funds are available.  These forms should be completed and returned to us at PO Box 2211, Whakatane 3120, to ascertain lending suitability according to our lending terms (see terms and conditions on the page 2 of Loan Application).

Loans  are typically repaid over seven to ten years or upon the recommendation of Liberty Trust and loans over $30,000 must be secured by a NZ registered residential property.

When approved the loan is passed to our solicitors at Keam Standen, Tauranga for conveyancing. 

The loan is typically repaid by a weekly, fortnightly or monthly automatic payment, which commences one week, fortnight or month following settlement.  Should you wish to alter the subsequent automatic payment dates please contact us.

Newsletters are sent throughout the year per year by email or post.  We encourage all borrowers to provide a testimony for our newsletter and website.  Please keep us up to date with your mailing and email address.

You are welcome to make extra payments at any time to Ark Resources Ltd 38 9020 0740189 00 with your name and unique 3-digit loan code.  Please keep a receipt and advise us the details of the deposit.

Statements of monthly transactions are sent six monthly for the periods ended March and September.  Should you have any questions or wish to receive an extra statement please contact us at admin@arkresources.co.nz.