Ohope Christian Fellowship

God has always turned up with the finance, as and when needed. For a small and growing church, in a community which had few facilities that could be hired for church services and no industrial buildings, we realised that we would need to one day build our own church buildings.

Our major problem, the price of real estate. One section cost $80,000-100,000 and we would need five or six, to also provide off-street parking. A similar sized church in a neighbouring town bought and renovated an old church and then extended it all for approximately half the cost of one Ohope sections. What could we do? It seemed impossible but with God…

We were approached by Matata Christian Fellowship, which at that time had declining numbers, and asked if we would like to take over their Liberty contributions. We of course said, "Yes." They were exceptionally generous and gifted to us the payments they had already made for which we are very grateful.

A local farmer wanted to sell a small piece of land adjacent to Ohope but the zoning restrictions meant it could only be used for limited activities. Praise God! We were able to fit the criteria. We obtained 2 ½ acres. Get this!!!!! The very day we obtained ownership of the land we were asked if we would like a hall. There was one in Whakatane needing to be moved. We of course agreed, not knowing where the finance would come from but assuming God had it in hand.

The money came in, we renovated and modified it and 2 ½ years ago moved in [small hall on right of photo]. With continued growth and a very small Sunday School room we realised the need to expand. We made plans but the way ahead again seemed insurmountable until a few months back when we were advised that a Liberty Mortgage was available for us.

We intend constructing and cladding a new 250 seat auditorium with these funds [now completed per photo], and the finances to complete the inside will arrive, as always, in God's good time. Liberty Trust is a real blessing to those who have foreseen a future need for finance and wisely planned accordingly.

Pastor Graham Turner

October 2000