Iain & Alison, Ziggy & Raewyn

It’s awesome to be writing a testimony to God’s faithfulness through Liberty Trust.

The long awaited words arrived August last year. The money was coming available for our interest free loans. The many positive stories we had heard and read over the years encouraged us to stick with it and believe this moment would come.

My sister Alison and I, and our obliging husbands, joined Liberty Trust in October 1996. Shortly after, both of our obliging husbands decided to study full time; meaning a shift to Dunedin for Ziggy and myself. Finding the money each month became increasingly difficult for all of us, and along with the skyrocketing house prices, it took a lot of discipline at times to hang in there.

We encouraged each other saying that at least we were saving something towards owning homes of our own one day. Encouraging letters from people who had received their loans also kept the motivation up. We believed that when our time came, we would be able to get a property as God’s timing is always perfect (although at the time we couldn’t see how!)

Ziggy, on completion of his studies, moved into a job where a house was provided. At the end of 3 years, we had somehow managed to buy a rental property together in Dunedin. Liberty Trust came to the rescue soon after, God’s perfect timing!

This summer has seen us back together again in Dunedin renovating the rental and marveling at God’s timing and provision. Thank you Liberty Trust for making home ownership possible in this time of increasing house prices. Looking back over the past 10 years, how fast it has gone. We have continued our membership as we fully believe Liberty Trust’s Biblical concept – helping each other is far more beneficial than helping the Bank!

Thank you Evan for your ease at which you made a more complicated mortgage so simple. We are incredibly grateful to all the staff / trustees of Liberty Trust and to our God who is so faithful.

“To your brother you shall not charge interest, that the Lord your God may bless you”. Deut. 23:20. Liberty Trust / Ark Resources is certainly blessed, and what a privilege to be recipients of that blessing!

God bless,

Ziggy & Raewyn Lesa

Iain & Alison Dickson

[ Editor - Ziggy & Raewyn have accommodation provided with their employment and bought this property so they would have a home of their own when their employment finished.  In the meantime the property is rented to help with the loan repayments. ]