The Dasari Family

I know the plans I have for you,Plans of peace and not of evilPlans of prosperity and not of calamity,To give you a future and a hope.Jeremiah 29:11This is a verse that we have stood on through all sorts of ups and downs.

When my husband first came home and told me about Liberty and how they worked I thought “How could that be?” and “Is this away to provide us with the option from having a life time of paying a mortgage back to the bank?”.

So we started with contributing.  Little did I know that a dream that we have always held of moving our family out to the country and living a country life would all come together in God’s time and plan,

And this is exactly what came together late last year.

We made plans to put our place on the market to sell.  Shortly after we received a call from Liberty that it was our turn to receive our interest free loan, a year earlier that anticipated.

Wow!  Talk about things falling into place!

We are now coming up to a year in our new 3acre property and truly feel that God has indeed given us the peace, future and hope that He promised in His Word with the help of Liberty Trust through providing a opportunity to provide a different way in achieving a debt free life

Thank you Liberty for Blessing us

David, Joanne, Maanasa and Noah Dasari

27 November 2013