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Lance & Joanna Smith

He will be Faithful to You

 We were married five years when we entered ministry with no kids, money or possessions. We worked in ministry for six years and were totally blessed by the experience. In ministry however you have no spare cash for furniture or housing.  

The next couple of years we focused on household needs and clearing other financial commitments so we could purchase our first home for our three young children. We finally managed to purchase our home just before our 13th wedding anniversary. We were now committed to debt until our early sixties.

Having our Liberty loan available will mean that we can make some serious headway and will be free a lot sooner. It was a miracle how we got this house, now not having to worry about our long-term commitments is an answer to prayer. God blessed us in ministry, now His blessing us out of it. Be faithful to the call of God and He will be faithful to you.

Lance & Joanna Smith