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Greer & Lisa Compston

He is faithful to complete the works
that He has started in us.

Hi, well what can we say about been involved with Liberty Trust, other than “Highly Recommended!” What a blessing this has been to us. Now after paying back our interest free loan, we are now able to move on to new and exciting things. The benefits have been huge!

We would also like to thank the people involved that originally set the Trust up and following through, with what now has had such an amazing blessing in so many people’s lives.

Keep up the great work!

Yours faithfully

The Compston Family, Hastings

We have just been blessed with a Liberty Trust mortgage.

God is faithful to His Word.  We were in a position where we had to make a decision whether to sell our house (which we didn't want to do), or do a alterations (which we couldn't afford).

God's timing is perfect.  Our prayers were answered with an interest-free loan.  It has certainly changed our lives.

We certainly encourage you to trust Him.  He works in many amazing ways.

Greer and Lisa Compston